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General Tips on Changing a Space

Posted on April 14 2019

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So, you have a room you want to change but have no idea where to start? Here are a few helpful tips that you can use to put you on the right path. Now these tips are not must do rules. Please use as a guide. Everyone is different and what works for one person does not always work for the next. Same goes for making it work for you. If an idea starts off ok but then you think “oh I like it better when I do this” then do that! Don’t feel you must follow each and every tip to the letter. That is what I love about interior design…. It is different, everyone! Get a little help and let your creativity flow from there. Sometimes we need to find where to start first!

 Tip #1 - Start at the beginning – Yeah I know that seems obvious but is it really? This isn’t always as simple as it may see. You may have an idea in your head how you want your space to look but actually getting it out of your head is n0t always that simple. If your changing big things like furniture, have you measured if your new pieces will fit in the space without removing walls because your so intent on having THAT sofa. If you don’t realise it doesn’t fit till after you bring it home and you can’t remove a wall (seriously major change right there, and messy to) the last thing you want is to be disappointed that you have to return it. Nothing will be the same as that sofa now. So, measure your space first before you go shopping, this will help you narrow down your choices and no disappointment later. The same principle can be for repainting etc, make sure the wall colour fits with your overall flow of your space. Choosing a spectacular blue for a wall may look great on paper but not so much with everything else you want. Get samples where you can, this can help you visualise how bits and bobs go together.

 Tip #2 – Do what is right for you. I know this seems simple but so many people want to do what is right for in vogue, fashion blah blah …… this is about you, your space, your comfort, your home! So, the in colour at the time is lime green (can I just offer up a simple “please no!” to the powers that be that influence colour…. Lime green is ok in tiny doses… but I don’t want to come out looking like an over zealous blob of slime) that does not mean you have to use it! Let alone bathe your space in it. Unless it works for you…. Then by all means go crazy with the lime green. Try a different green if your inner guru says it must follow – there are lots of different greens out there and you will be putting your own spin what is in.

 Tip #3 – KISS – Keep it simple stupid (no not you! Your reading this so clearly your super smart) I am an avid watcher of channel 94 (The lifestyle channel with the cool shows like, Masters of Flip, Fixer Upper and Good Bones) but sometimes I don’t always like what I see, mainly because its my personal taste. And the same should go for you! Don’t feel the need to try to put every single thing you like into a room. If your space ends up looking great, but just that, looking, and there is no functionality to it then is it really a room you can use and feel comfortable in. or is it a space in your home that you can only look at because your too afraid someone might break something. KISS to me is about functionality as well. This is your home, not a museum. Add that great big vase you love so much, but don’t add it if you’re forever going to be stressing about it being knocked over.

 Tip #4 – Make the room for you, your family, your pets – whoever it is that lives there. Don’t make it a museum show piece to impress other people. I say this because sometimes people forget that they are making a space in their home and its not about impressing everyone. Its your space, you can use that throw pillow that your best friend hates because that pillow is a little of your personality and what it says about you! If we all had the same taste and same likes it would be a very boring world! Don’t be afraid to use a little colour that normally wouldn’t be seen together, if that is what you like, if that is what makes you smile then that is what the space is about (again…lime green, probably not so great as a colour for dining room table… but go for it if you love it – just hold off on the pea and ham soup).

 Tip #5 - Pick one piece, colour, design that you love. Even if you cannot see how it works in the room just yet, don’t worry, build it and they will come (that line fits everywhere!). Seriously sometimes all you need for a little inspiration is just one little thing to build on. You may have a little vase that holds great sentimental value to you – build from there. What is it about that vase that brings out the memories? The colours, the time it was around, the person who gave it to you? This is where you can build from. A little light blue glass vase may have been the first mother’s day gift you every got (I gave my mum this hideous glass plate for the kitchen utensils to rest on – we laugh now – it was terrible but she loved it) build from there – its comforting, blue, flowers, memories, pictures. If this is the room you want to create – somewhere to relax and reminisce, then there is your inspiration. You have a favourite indoor plant – build a wall to create an indoor wall garden and bring in the outdoor furniture to create an outdoor space with all the comforts if indoors (and then thank yourself in winter). Don’t box yourself in – be creative to what you what to see, feel, smell, live in. Its your home to create and simply live.

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