Finishing off a Room

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So, you have poured your heart and soul of creativity into a room and your just not quite feeling it. You have your colours your desire, the furniture is functional for the space and just what you wanted…… but the room just doesn’t feel quite finished.

Finishing a room can be just as hard as trying to find where you want to start. We all have ideas on how we want our room to look and sometimes starting out can be the easy part.  A cute design here… a splash of colour there…nope still not the room you were wanting. Don’t let frustration get the better of you. Don’t walk away thinking it can’t be done. It can be and sometimes it’s something as simple as finding the balance and feel of a room.

Room Balance

But where is the balance? This can be the hardest part to create, if we let our creativity free it can become an awesome beast we lose control of! And seriously that fluro yellow curtain with the pink dots may have set off your 80’s nostalgia but you are going to have a colour headache of epic proportions once your creativity beast comes down from its high!

Room Harmony

A room should have harmony when adding those finishing touches. When your casting your eye over the room and you get a feeling of clutter or something is just not quite right, take out what doesn’t feel right. You’re after the feel of the room, symmetry (oh how I love symmetry but I can’t have it everywhere) and having things match doesn’t always add to the feel of a room. No one wants a room that feels cluttered or doesn’t have a calming vibe and for your own personal sophisticated look, you need to feel the clam of the room.

Room Star Attractions

Another area that is easy to over create is what items you have. Choose just a couple of items that are going to be the stand out pieces. This is what will help draw a person’s eye as they look around a room. If you have too many star attractions, it becomes hard to just look at one place and your overwhelmed with having to look everywhere at once. A stunning sculpture, a favourite art piece or even a rug on the floor can be your star attractions, whilst all the other little things you have in your area are there for support but not statement makers of their own. Your star attraction pieces should be able to say “helllllo beautiful look at me I’m here to be looked at!”. The last thing you want is everything in the room trying to jump up and down waving little imaginary arms yelling at the top of tiny imaginary voices…. “Oi over here!” “Look at me!” “No, me! See me!” Yeah… no one needs that.

Room Display Areas

Now the next thing you should consider in helping finish a room, and this is something that can be very personal and depend on the look you’re going for, is the shelving and or cabinets you have in the room. They can either be something that fades into the background by having them painted the same colour as the walls so that your displays pop. Or you could be going for a different vibe and have them painted colours that stand out themselves. Just remember that doing this could change how your star attractions in the room work, and you don’t want to have to start all over again!

Room Simplicity

Try not to over complicate your space by having too much of everything, keep colours to just a few shades (unless your look is totally all about living inside a rainbow). Keep shapes to a minimum to help simplify. If you have a supersize couch that you love, work your shapes around that, if it has rounded edges, incorporate round items into the room. If you have a display cabinet that is all straight lines, incorporate that as your shapes to work with.

If you try these 5 simple steps to finishing off a room, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it first seemed. And you can repeat the steps until you have the look and feel you were aiming for.

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